A generative art collection of 1024 unique pieces
by makio135 and clemsos.

About Slashes

The Slashes series proposes an abstract vision of the paths we take and the people we encounter throughout our lives. Each piece is a unique path we take, and each path we take is a unique piece.

This work is the result of a collaboration between makio135, generative artist, and clemsos, researcher.

Each token is the deterministic result of our custom Solidity smart-contract, allowing the generation on on-chain using the Ethereum Virtual Machine: the smart-contract is used as a medium to output SVGs.

Due to the limitations of the Solidity language (Floats inexisting, Strings manipulation, gas), many tricks have been developed to generate clean and unique SVGs efficiently, like abusing the <use> SVG element to limit computations and reuse shapes to draw them again with transformations, recreating a PRNG algorithm seeded by the token ID to get a nice diversity in the generated outputs and using a Solidity pure view function that takes a token ID as parameter and computes the result directly in-chain to reduce gas fees.

You can visit the OpenSea marketplace to purchase the Slashes tokens.


Each token is the combination of 11 features that determine the visual aspects of the piece: